MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1
MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1
MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1
MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1
MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1
MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1
MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1
MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1
Proizvođač: MAXXUS

MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1

Šifra proizvoda: MX-600043-00048-0001


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MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1

Extra large running surface -RunMaxx 9.1

Bluetooth interface for APP control*
Large, cushioned running surface: 154 x 55 cm
Maximum speed: 20 km/h
DC motor: 3.0 hp (continuous power)
electric incline adjustment
numerous training programmes
Professional treadmill for the home
The MAXXUS RunMaxx 9.1 treadmill impresses with its modern design, stability and functionality. The extra large, well cushioned running surface of 154 x 55 cm offers enough space to really step on the gas. With the APP iC+ Training, you can use your own smartphone/tablet as an alternative training computer. This gives you a completely new view and exciting additional functions. The large multifunctional LCD display provides an overview of all important training data at all times. At the end of the workout, the running surface can be folded up easily to save space. 
The RunMaxx 9.1 treadmill stands for the highest home training standard. The quiet 3.0 hp DC motor allows speeds from 1 to 20 km/h. The incline can be adjusted 15-fold electrically. The incline can be electrically adjusted 15 times (level 0-14). The Cushion-Flex damping system provides a pleasant running feeling and a very joint-friendly running workout. Numerous training programmes provide the appropriate motivation and variety.

Training programmes:

Quick-start function
manual programme
36 fixed training profiles
3 heart rate controlled programmes**
Body mass index calculation
Effective cardio training with the RunMaxx 9.1
The RunMaxx 9.1 is especially suitable for hobby and ambitious runners and is also a good choice if several people with different body types and training goals want to train on the treadmill. The 9.1 is ideal for walking, hiking and jogging. The large running surface offers a lot of safety, especially for fast running units, step-up runs and interval training.

Regular running has numerous positive effects on the body:

Improvement of endurance and fitness
Reduction of body weight and fat reserves
Toning and strengthening, especially of the leg and gluteal muscles
Improving the cardiovascular system
Reduction of resting heart rate
Improved cardiac activity
Stress reduction

Further highlights:

HRC - receiver (POLAR® - compatible)
Quick selection buttons for incline and speed
Hand pulse sensors for fast intermediate measurement
Safety Key safety shut-off
Bottle holder and storage areas
transport wheels
detailed assembly and operating instructions 

*APP control: The APP iC+ Training can be downloaded free of charge via Google Play and the App Store for Android and Apple operating systems and is not included in the scope of delivery. Please note that MAXXUS is not the manufacturer of the APP iC+Training and is therefore not responsible for its content. Of course, the cockpit can also be operated comfortably without a smartphone/APP.

**Heart rate programmes: The hand pulse measurement is not sufficient for using the heart rate programmes. For this purpose, an optionally available wireless heart rate belt is required, which we offer separately. The POLAR receiver for uncoded Polar® transmitter chest belts is already built into the cockpit of the treadmill.
End devices such as smartphones or tablets are not part of this offer.

MAXXUS Treadmill RunMaxx 9.1

Šifra proizvoda: MX-600043-00048-0001

EAN: 4251631905790

Proizvođač: MAXXUS

Težina: 117 kg

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